Octane's History

Although we are 'web based' we ARE a real skater owned shop. We do this FULL TIME. Its our living. We dont have a physical store because firstly, living in London rents are high. And secondly the only way to make a proper skate shop in the high street pay is to sell shoes. Lots of shoes. And bags. And T shirts. And cheap stuff. And scooters.....we actually like to ride our boards and attend races. Sometimes its good to shut the shop and skate. Octane is a skate shop, not a clothes store...

Its our living. Its our passion.

Our aim is to provide expert advice, expert setup of your boards and expert knowledge of the gear we sell. 

So, we concentrate on only selling boards we have ridden, boards we would reccomend to FRIENDS. We pass our knowledge onto customers from not only the U.K. but also Europe and Australia. We even send gear to the U.S. on occasion. We developed our own Slalom and L.D.P. trucks that are used all over the world. We know our stuff!

We do not list loads and loads of boards, we cherry pick the best. That way you know you are getting the best too. We check every board properly before it goes out.

If you need a board VERY quickly we will do anything to help.

Want something we dont list? Using our network of contacts we can often source gear that may not even have reached the U.K. yet. We have contacts in California who will literally call the owner of the company whos gear you want and pop round to pick it up. This is what makes skating special, its not about shifting loads of boxes, its about actually riding, racing and enjoying the ride.


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