About Octane

Octane Sport are often  asked to consult on T.V., Radio and Newspaper pieces. We are able to offer advice and opinions on all skate related issues. We have also trained presenters to skate safely, teaching the Blue Peter presenter, Helen Skelton to compete in a World Cup Downhill race, with organised days of training a preparation. Michael Stride has also appeared as an 'Expert Judge' on Scrapheap Challenge. Here is the Giant Skateboard episode on 4OD and been interviewed by radio and newspapers on various skate related issues. For 'Rory and Paddys Great British Adventure' Michael was Rory McGraph's 'stunt double !  We are happy to advise on safe skateboard practices, and help write risk assesments for media work and events. We have also organised corporate training and helped organise safe skate related events. We do own our own start ramps and digital timing gear with large timing screens for dual or single lane races or for creating 'speed traps'. We have been used by The Gadget Show to record THREE Guinness World Records and for Joel Kings Jet Luge world record timing.   Sky's 'The Petrol Age' used our speed trap to illustrate speed.  All these are available for hire at competitive daily rates.